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Flat Pattern Extractor (Free)
Save time and create all sheet metal flat pattern DWG / DXF files in one click, directly from the assembly document. Flat Pattern Extractor is ideal for laser cutting and nesting software. The Flat Pattern Extractor will remember all your default settings in term of File format, Layers and geometry conversion. The Flat Pattern Extractor can generate a wide range of file format from older R12 DXF to newest DWG formats that will work with most common postprocessors.

Note: A limitation of 20 files extraction per assembly for the free edition.

See video demonstration:

Available on the Autodesk Application Exchange
Flat Pattern Extractor (Full)
Same as trial with no file count limitations

Voir la démonstration vidéo:

Available on theAutodesk Application Exchange
Price: 99 $
Copy Paste Parameter
Copy parameters from a part or assembly document then paste it into another part or assembly document.
   - You can copy Text, Boolean and also Multi Value parameters. You can also include parameter with equation.
   - Paste them into another document (part or assembly) from the same session or from another Inventor session.

- The filter tool will help you to quickly find the parameters you want to copy.

See video demonstration:

Available on the Autodesk Application Exchange

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Inventor addins products
Flat Pattern Extractor (Pro)
Same as Full with additionnal tool to include Material name and Gage in filename of extracted dwg or dxf.

Available on demand. Contact me
Price: 399 $
Where Used Parameter Manager
The Where Used Parameter Manager allow users to filter parameter lists based on string search or values. You will also be able to exchange parameters between files by import parameters and their existing formula from one part / assembly to another parts / assembly. You can also use this application to copy parameters lists from Inventor to Excel allowing you to print or save them. You will also be able to quickly create or purge multiples parameters.

See video demonstration :

Available on Autodesk Application Exchange
Inventor Drawing Bar code Generator
The Bar Code Generator allows Inventor users to create and insert one bar code per drawing sheet. (based on standard 128). The professionnal edition allows users to assign an iProperty to it and will update automatically when the drawing is saved.

Available on Autodesk Application Exchange
Inventor CNC script Extractor
The script Extractor is normally combined with the Flat pattern extractor and will create your cnc scripts based on a template and insert proper material name, gages, quantity, etc.
The program has a function to merge multiple scripts together allowing you to group multiple products into a single production order for Nesting operation.

Available on demand.